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What is RTL?:

Reduce Touch Labor (RTL) is using our "ready out of the box" products : pre-cut and pre-seamed custom multi-layered kits designed for individual applications.

What is RTL?

These kits can contain custom vacuum bagging films, release films, the full range of our breather and peel ply materials, sealant tape, pressure sensitive tape, thermocouples, to enable the complete production of specific composite components.

With our in-house engineering staff equipped with the latest software CATIA and our automated material cutting machines, we can ensure you precise consistency of cut shapes.


  • Reduce Touch Labor (RTL)
  • Create a Lean Clean Room
  • Reduce Waste
  • Reduce Costs
  • Reduce Manual Cutting Errors
  • Reduce Bill of Materials
  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Improve Manufacturing Quality