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Custom Kits

Custom Kits

Custom kits include non standard widths or custom cut shapes. Each layer is specifically designed to conform to the specific composite part being produced.

Kits can include:

  • Peel plies
  • Release films
  • Breathers
  • Vacuum bagging materials
  • Thermocouples
  • Flashbreaker® pressure sensitive tapes
  • Sealant tapes

Basically, anything the composite shop operator needs to lay up a part can be included. A kit can also be a kit of kits. Frequently, several stages of debulks and cures are required as part of the manufacturing process. The kit can include all of the materials required for each step delivered together.

Each kit is developed in cooperation with the customer by Airtech's engineering staff. Airtech can work directly with CATIA V5 models to extract surface data and develop flat patterns. Features such as pleats, labeling and work instructions can also be included.