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Airtech Experience & Capacity

Airtech Experience & Capacity

Airtech provides high-value engineering services through its Custom Products Department. We offer a wide range of custom shaped vacuum bags and vacuum bagging kits for all shapes and sizes to provide ''Lean Clean Room'' solutions, besides our standard products. These kits contain all auxiliary materials, individually cut to size and packaged as per the specific customer request ready for use in the composite shop. Whether it is for an airplane fuselage, boat, race car or a huge wind blade, we cover all industries!

Our "Lean Clean Room" approach will Reduce Touch Labor (RTL) and remove material waste in the fabrication process. We continue to invest in high-tech machinery, new software, personnel and additional floor space for manufacturing.

Airtech's Custom Products Department offers a full range of options from custom shaped vacuum bagging film to multi-layered kits that conform to complex contoured parts.

Since the 1970’s, Airtech has supplied kitted and customized materials to the Aerospace and electronics industries. Over the years, this service has extended to automotive, wind energy, and marine customers. In addition, Airtech has converted millions of meters of material into thousands of kits for hundreds of customers each year.

  • Multi-location manufacturing
  • Group lean team
  • Group design team
  • Supply security