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How Do I Get Started?

How Do I Get Started?

Typically, customers begin with candidate component to validate the savings available by reducing touch labor with custom kitting. Contact your Airtech sales representative or our Customer Service to review the application with your engineering team. Our team can help determine the best materials based on your resin system, cure cycle and manufacturing team as well as how much customization is right for your application.



  • Electronic flat patterns (2D drawing with format .dxf or .dwg) are provided by customers and can be used directly by our ply cutter.
  • Existing material flat patterns or a used bag can be reverse engineered by our ply cutter’s digitalization feature.
  • With the help of our CatiaV5 modeling software, our engineering team can use 3D models of the tool and the part (cat, iges or step files) to develop the flat patterns.


Features not shown in the models or patterns such as caul sheets, brackets, or pressure intensifiers should be reviewed with the sales representative and communicated to Airtech’s engineering team so as to be sure that the kit will properly fit around the part.


Contact Airtech for more information.